How to prepare for your next Wax!

How to prepare for your next Facial!

Hey beautiful people.  Below you will find very helpful tips on what to do when preparing for your next service.  If you have any other questions or concerns, no matter how secret they are, don't be shy and contact Cristina at or shoot her a call or text at 424-256-6556.

How to prepare for your next service...


  • If you have any skin allergies or conditions, make sure you tell us about them right away.

  • Very important as well, please make sure to tell us if you are, or think you might be pregnant as some products may not be suitable for you and the little bun in the oven.

  • We recommend stopping the use of harsh exfoliants or retinoids and please retain from facial waxing at least a week before your treatment. Some products may cause irritation and therefore limits the use of facial treatment options.


  • If at any time you feel uncomfortable, please let us know as we always want to make you feel relaxed. Extractions may cause a little more pressure and some people aren't as tolerant to the pain thresholds so please speak up and scream OUCH!


  • After your facial treatment it is best to avoid direct contact with sunlight and if you are to go outside put on a good face friendly sunblock.

  • Depending on your treatment and skin type, we will gladly recommend the best type of products to use after your facial, to keep you glowing beautiful.

  • Upkeep is by far the most important part of the facial, so along with taking care of your skin at home, facials are recommended once a month!


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  • Waxing treatments vary from full body wax, to arm, leg or bikini wax, to facial waxing and other specific areas. Regardless of the area, preparing your skin for waxing is an important first step in the epilation process.

  • Check for irritation, sunburn or breakouts. If you find areas that are more sensitive, it is best to wait until they are healed before continuing the service. Avoid using any exfoliating products that contain ingredients such as AHA or retinoids for at least a week prior to your scheduled appointment.

  • Take note of moles and lesions and notify us if you do have any around the area we are going to wax. We will not wax over moles, skin tags, or lesions as they could rip off during the service and that won;t be pretty. :(

  • Check the length of your hair. The best length for waxing is generally 1/2 to 3/4 of an inch. For very fine hair, like women's facial hair, it can be a little shorter.

  • Consider a pain reliever. Taking an oral anti-inflammatory about an hour before waxing will not only keep the skin from swelling, but it will also alleviate some of the pain associated with waxing. This is optional and at your discretion.


  • Just breath, trust us and feel free to chat about your horrible ex relationship and how hooked you are on The Bachelor ;)


  • Exfoliate! Use a loofah, or exfoliating beads in between your services. Doing this removes any dead skin cells that may clog the hair follicle and cause ingrown hairs. Avoid irritating your skin by rubbing too hard and continue with a non-fragrant moisturizer.

  • Try not to wear any super tight clothing or anything materials that will rub and increase irritation and it is best to avoid working out for at least a couple hours after the service

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